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The "How" in how to go deeper



Welcome to my online acting platform. Here you’ll find samples of my work as an actor trainer as well as recommendations from my students. Many of these students have gone on to become notables in the field. I have a deep commitment and passion towards entertainment and the arts. Take a moment to browse my site, and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about becoming the best actor you can be. 

Actor / Director / Teacher

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Performer Training Developments Across C

Performer Training: Developments Across Cultures

If you want to know more about Leonard’s approach to acting, you can read about his work in the book “Performer Training: developments across cultures”, edited by Ian Watson and available for download on Kindle.

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Leonard has been teaching actors for over thirty years and his student have achieved successful careers in all aspects and levels of the industry. Here is some of what they have to say about Leonard and his teaching process.

Michael Dorman actor photo for review

Michael Dorman

Daybreakers, Surburbia, Secret Lives of Us

Leonard’s got a great way of teaching you how to teach yourself.

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Tom McSweeney actor photo for review

Tom McSweeney

Senior Casting Director

In the past six years, QUT actors have gone straight from graduation into lead roles in Australian series. No other school can make that claim...that is a feat to be commended and encouraged and I believe they have their teacher to thank for it.

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Josh Helman actor photo for review

Josh Helman

 Mad Max: Fury Road, Jack Reacher, Animal Kingdom,
X-Men 2014

...As a student Leonard was exceptional in guiding me through the process of discovering my own craft. His passion for acting knows no boundaries and his dedication to his students is incomparable.

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